Virginia was a Spy

Who would think milking cows and goats would be the perfect training for a World War II spy?

Virginia Hall—that’s who!

Hall, an American, risked her life to work as a spy for the Allied forces. First, she posed as an American reporter writing about life in wartime France. But after her success landed her on the German Nazi’s most-wanted list, Hall adopted a new identity—an elderly milkmaid who sold homemade cheese to the Nazis while listening in on their secrets.

Virginia did all this despite having a wooden leg.

Virginia was a Spy is the story of this amazing woman, who helped turn the tide of World War II.

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Virginia Was a Spy
illustration copyright Gary Kelley. Reprinted from Virginia Was a Spy by Catherine Urdahl, illustrated by Gary Kelley, and published by Creative Editions, 2020.

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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), where Virginia Hall worked after World War II, offers articles on Virginia’s life and wartime contributions. Visit and look for “Spotlight on Women’s History: Virginia Hall,” March 30, 2012, and “Virginia Hall: The Courage and Daring of the Limping Lady,” Oct. 8, 2015. Click on the CIA site’s Spy Kids tab for fun information on being a spy, as well as spy gadgets and activities.

The National Archives catalogue contains Virginia’s wartime activity reports, various images, and other information from her time in the Office of Strategic Services—America’s World War II undercover organization. Visit

Virginia Was a Spy

written by Catherine Urdahl
illustrated by Gary Kelley
Creative Editions, 2020

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